Nutrition can be a Bloody Minefield…

So you have a client, needs your help on the nutrition front with something very specific…

Sometimes you can advise them yourself for sure,

But this time it’s different, you don’t have a scooby-do, so you tell them to leave it with you while you seek some advice.

Now the issue with the world of nutrition is that ANYONE can call themselves a nutrition expert, or a nutritionist. So you take a look online and every person you see seems to have NUTRITION EXPERT on their profile…

Even though some (Not all of course!) have literally done a weekend course.

I want you to know that we are different. Completely and utterly different.

I wont bore you with the intricate details, but as the owner of SJN nutrition I feel we have an unrivalled level of educational development to ensure those who seek advice get the best, most effective evidence-based information.

Take me for example:

-I have studied a post-graduate diploma in Sports Nutrition with the International Olympic Committee.
-I have a Masters Degree in Applied Sports Science (Specialising in Nutrition)
-Currently I’m a Doctoral Researcher in the area of the nutrition…

I won’t bore you with any more,

But as you can see- at SJN Nutrition, we are a country mile away from most in calibre.

The awesome news is that every member of our nutrition team is also exceptionally well qualified in the field of nutrition too…

In everything we do we have 3x core elements to what we do, and our whole ethos around client support:

1. Honesty
2. Integrity
3. Excellence

From today onward,

I want you to know that you have us at your fingertips to solve and issues or ask any questions you may need.

As I mentioned nutrition can be a minefield,

But we aim to offer you complete trust with our advice, and above all peace of mind.

If you need anything at all don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Any time you need anything I’m only a message away.

Shane 🙂

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