Fitpro Nutrition- The More you Give the More you Get…

As cliché enough that is, in the world of client transformation programs, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s absolutely true.

Clients are clever. They can smell value a mile off, and smell poor value from about 100 miles away!

I have the pleasure of working with Fitpros and their amazing clients across the globe, and it’s pretty easy to see the successful businesses from the ones that struggle.

The thing is that clients need to be surrounded with support on all fronts, not just for an hour in their sessions.

What’s happening outside of their session the other 167 hours that week? Are you like every other mass gym out there leaving them in the cold?

Or are you helping with everything they need?

-A special, unique community to be part of?
-Accountability- are you getting them to follow through on all the things they said they’d commit to for results?
-Support with changing their habits and thoughts on a healthy life so they’re set up forever?
-World class support on their nutrition?

We are nutrition specialists, so of course all the other stuff is up to you, but nutrition- is absolutely our bag.

THAT- we can help with.

Just think- could your team be set unique nutrition challenges every month?
Could you have expert guest speakers present/talk about important nutrition topics each month?
Could you have nutrition workshops to help with the nitty gritty and daily client struggles?
Could you offer round the clock support and someone to reach out to so no matter what they always have an expert to talk to no matter how big or small their query?

Now business is business, at the end of the day its all about the bottom line here…

Could adding the above create an amazing buzz and a unique level of service?

Could that lead to unique selling points your future clients can’t get anywhere else?

Could it lead to increased client retention with your loyal subscribers??

Just wanted to share some ideas for you to implement on the nutrition front for your clients, all of which work super well with the partnerships we have formed over recent years.

Hope these tips help you today!

Shane 🙂

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