Clients get to HAVE their cake AND eat it???!

The biggest thing for any successful client transformation is CONSISTENCY.

In order to stay consistent clients generally need to be happy (see previous post!)

For them to be happy we need to ensure they’re not being overly restrictive, or completely cutting out the food and drink they love.

How do we do this and STILL get the result for the client weight loss wise though?

Here are 2x simple strategies I like to use…

1. THE 10% RULE:

Calculate the client’s calories per day to lose say 1-2lb a week. Let’s say that hypothetically comes to 1500 cals per day.

Multiply this by 7 so we know the weekly calorie intake = 10500 cals per week.

10% of their calories = 1050 cals.

THIS is the amount of cals the client can now ‘spend’ on treats and less nutrient dense foods per week PROVIDING that the other 90% ish is where it needs to be.

Now you and the client are happy and STILL get their weight loss results.


Alternatively the client may be a little bit of a Pringle person (Once you pop you can’t stop!! Image makes sense now right?? Haha)

So spending a little bit of their 10% budget throughout the week won’t work here…

So let’s say once or twice a month they have one meal that day where they can go mental and have whatever they want…

But because it’s only one meal so there’s a limit to how much they can over indulge right?

NOTE: Obviously a conversation needs to be had about the client’s personal relationship with foods and if this works side by side with their program and personal needs too 🙂

This is simple,

But EFFECTIVE stuff.

The client now has a super easy to understand and easy to implement strategy so they can HAVE their cake AND eat it…

Sort of 😉

Hope this helps today!


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