A Body Transformation is Just a Workout Plan and a 7 Day Meal Plan…

I can imagine the instant rage at you reading that ridiculous sentence,

And the fact of the matter is that you would never DREAM of handing a client a piece of paper with workouts on in an attempt to change their lives for good.

BUT, the reality is that this is literally what happens on the nutrition front as part of many PT and Gym owner’s transformation programs. The client receives recipes, a meal plan or 2, and a discussion at the end of sessions about what to eat before class every now and again.

There’s no structure, no robust nutrition program in place as such, and if there’s nothing on place? It leads to constant confusion for you team, constant questions thrown your way on top of your already unreasonably high workload, and no real direction for your clients to follow.

Recipes are awesome to keep clients inspired, meal plans are great so a client can see what a 1500cal 7 day plan of attack actually looks like too for example, they absolutely have their place,

But this cannot be their bible for nutrition.

Having a step by step program in place your clients can follow from beginning to end is something which will help massively, for the purpose of focus, education for the client, and a reduction in time spent on nutrition for you too.

“Hey coach have you got any ideas on high protein snack I could have on days I don’t meet my protein recommendations?”

Imagine after questions like this you could simply reply “Yup- take a look at module 2 we sent as part of your program- all covered for you there!”

Literally problem solved for the client in 10 seconds,

OR you could note it down in your diary and stay up another half hour putting together a protein snack list for them…

And the other 4x nutrition requests that came in that day too 😉

See what I mean?

Having a full step by step nutrition program for your clients to follow makes an incredible difference.

Time to get that sorted in your business?

Let me know how you get on!


(P.s. All the above and more is included as part of my Platinum Nutrition Program without you having to lift a finger if you wish to go down that route too… Just a thought!)

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